1. What is Premium
Bitcoin Mixer?

We approach mixing completely differently. We take your funds and return verified coins withdrawn from a number of stock exchanges around the globe, which results in clean coins and much improved anonymity.

2. Can I trust you with my money?

We take protective measures against errors and malicious acts. For every incoming order, we provide a PGP-signed letter of guarantee that confirms the obligations we assume.

3. How much does it cost?

The commission is randomized to some extent and can be 4-5% + 0.0007 BTC (network fee).

4. Don't you think this commission is way too high?

The innovative cleansing process we use involves considerable expenses, but we believe the resulting premium anonymization level is worth the price.

5. How long does it take to cleanse Bitcoins?

The process starts after the first confirmation of your incoming transfer and takes up to 6 hours. The exact delay is chosen randomly in order to resist deanonymization attempts.

6. Why don't you let the customer choose the cleansing time?

We are concerned that some customers will tend to set dangerously short delays. We have found that a random delay of up to 6 hours is enough to eliminate the risk of volume analysis.

7. What is the minimum amount of funds for cleansing?

0.005 BTC

8. What is the maximum amount of funds for cleansing?

50 BTC per one request. Larger transfers would be too vulnerable to volume analysis, although nothing stops you from placing multiple orders.

9. 50 BTC? How can you prove you are in control of such funds?

We aren't, but that does not prevent us from processing orders even of this size. The funds are attracted from investors as needed.

10. How does your free trial mixing work?

You can initiate trial mixing via the respective button on the main page. The commission for cleansing will not be charged, but you must send us exactly 0.001 BTC.

11. What happens if I send less money than required?

Amounts lower than the minimum will be treated as donations, since it makes no business sense to cleanse or even return them. You can try contacting our support so they check if anything can be done in your case.

12. Do you store any logs in your system?

None. All info about an order is deleted upon its completion (or when the offer expires). The only remaining trace of our work are the letters of guarantee we give you.

13. What is a letter of guarantee?

It is a PGP-signed message containing the details of our cleansing offer to you (including the input address for your coins). It cannot be forged and therefore serves as infallible proof of our obligations towards you. Please always keep it until your order is completed.

14. How can I make sure a letter of guarantee is genuine?

You can do it with PGP client software (e.g. Gpg4Win on Windows). You will need to import our public key and then run verification on the letter. More details here.

15. How long do addresses for coin transfer remain valid?

They remain valid for 7 days. This period is sufficient to address any network issues, delays and human errors that may occur, thus guaranteeing safety of customer's assets.

16. Why can't I choose the percentage breakdown for funds between my output addresses?

This breakdown must be decided by the cleansing algorithm, for the sake of optimal performance and anonymity.

17. My browser crashed before I could get a confirmation on my transfer!

No worries; this event does not disrupt anything. You can monitor confirmations using any block explorer, for instance blockchain.info. Use the input address from your letter of guarantee.